Cultivar Moroccan Mint Salt Scrub with Sea Kelp Organic Body Scrub 9oz


Brand Cultivar
This is a scent that makes you want to breathe deeply. Again and again. It's hard to imagine that things smell this good. Cultivar Organic Moroccan Mint Body Scrub is a truly sensual experience for those spa-at-home times. We use mineral-rich sea salts with just the right amount of "grit" to scrub away all the dead, dull skin, leaving behind soft, radiant skin. It feels great from start to finish. Moroccan Mint smells like no other mint. It is clean and fresh without being overly sweet like spearmint or peppermint. There's a reason we all fell in love with this intoxicating scent and wanted to share this organic body scrub with everyone we met. We've combined this heavenly scent it with pure, mineral-rich sea salts and moisturizing and restorative organic plant oils to exfoliate, revive and soften skin. Sea Kelp helps to smooth the skin while it nourishes. - Made from mineral-rich sea salts and skin soothing organic oils - Effectively exfoliates dead, dull skin to leave skin soft and radiant - 100% natural and 100% free of parabens, sulfates, animal products, perfumes and harsh preservatives. Ingredients: sea salt, Virgin Coconut Oil (cocos nucifera), Sunflower Oil (helianthus)*, Sesame Oil (s. indicum), Sea Kelp (ascophyllum nodosum), Moroccan Mint (mentha spicata), Vitamin E.

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